Thread Bot

Remember that time there was an important conversation in a thread, but someone didn't see it start? What about those ongoing conversations that are invisible to anyone outside of the thread?

Thread Bot is here to help.

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What Thread Bot Does

Thread Bot can be invited into channels to keeps track of threads (including how many replies are in each) and periodically updates the channel to ensure that everyone knows about all the important conversations. Users can also see Thread Bot's Pinned message, which is the most recent update.

Users can also Direct Message Thread Bot two different commands:

(1) The channel name to get a listing of all threads being tracked in that channel, and how many replies each has.

(2) Just the word "threadbot" to get a list of all channels and how many threads are being tracked in each.

How to Start Using Thread Bot

Once you click on the Add to Slack button, ThreadBot is ready to use.

Add to Slack

Thread Bot only sees messages in channels after it has been invited... so remember to invite it in!